Mr. & Mrs. C. Mount Morris, MI 48458 February 2011

Atlantic Coast Waterproofing was probably the best choice for us when it came to waterproofing our basement. We looked around and received quotes from many different companies. Atlantic Coast did not give us the absolute cheapest quote, but gave us the best quote for the service they provided. When Gary came over to look at our basement, he had the most know-how of the problems we were having than any other company. He explained what was happening to our basement in a very understanding way and showed us the heart of the problem. When they came over, they were very professional and kept the house extremely neat and clean. They worked through the day and when I came home from work, they were nearly done. Even though we were only fixing half of our basement, Atlantic Coast scheduled and finished the job within days of when we received the quote. However, the part of this company that sold us above everything else, and the reason we are still unbelievably satisfied, is that there wasn’t any fine print. Everything was spelled out for us and they didn’t add any limitations that were tied in through the warranty. They promised to remove the mold in the basement, for the parts they fixed, and guaranteed that it would not be back, and if it did come back they would take care of it. Our basement smells clean and is mold free and I can sleep soundly knowing that we will never have to deal with this issue again. I would definitely recommend Atlantic Coast Waterproofing to anyone who is dealing with basement leakage.
They have the best product we’ve seen and we are very satisfied with their work.
Mr. & Mrs. C.