Mr. & Mrs. D. Huntington Woods, MI 48070 March 2011

I wanted to take a moment to thank Atlantic Coast Waterproofing for the job well done waterproofing my basement. I have owned this home for six years, and have had moisture problems each spring consistently. Though manageable, it has been a constant challenge during the rainy season, and it has been a lurking barrier to selling the home in the future.
I was particularly impressed by the way the ACW crew respected the property, taking care to keep the finished area of my basement as clean as possible during the job. During the job, ACW ran into unexpected problems that nearly doubled their estimated time on the job. ACW stood by their original contract, adding labour and materials to see that the job was done right. They clearly placed customer satisfaction over their own interests. I can immediately see the results of the installation. Less than 48 hours later, the constant dampness is rapidly being removed from the affected basement walls. I look forward to a dry basement for the duration that I am in the home, and the ability to confidently sell my home in the future.
I would recommend ACW without reservation to address any waterproofing concerns for your home.
Mr & Mrs. D.