Ms. M. Flint, MI 48507 June 2011

My mother is 97 and her basement leaks in several places due to poor up keep .Now it was flooding weekly.  She had mold.  I got estimates from  4 companies from $4 thousand to paint waterproofing on walls to $6640 to remove concrete from the edges of the basement floor, install a perimeter drain guard system and gravel in the floor and replace concrete. Since I live with my mother and am a senior citizen  myself I was somewhat wary of sales pitches that promise everything thinking I was a rube.
Atlantic Coast Waterproofing Inc. was the 4th estimate. The salesman was slightly hard sell but we are both old school so I understood that. A new sump pump was needed, there had been a garbage can with a sump pump inside previously.
I had an entire wall of floor to ceiling shelves that had to be removed to dig along the wall. I was promised not only that the wood would be torn out but the moldy wood would be hauled away and the mold sprayed. All things in the way (old tables etc) would be moved out of the way and covered with plastic. After construction floors would be cleaned. All work guaranteed.
Member Comments:
The work was finished yesterday and I could not be any happier with my results. There were extra expenses since no maintenance had been done in about 50 yrs, so that was expected. The sump pump had been incorrectly draining. That was fixed. The crack on one wall was repaired with FRP board and a space to under the split level was fixed so no more leaking from under the main part of the house.. The workmen found leaks in so many places no wonder it was flooding! All were repaired. The concrete rubbish from the basement was removed a bucket at a time by hand and the workmen in turn took all gravel to the basement by hand even though it was very hot and humid, they never slowed down. The cupboards had been removed and wood taken away as promised. Moldy drywall removed. . All brought up to code. It rained buckets yesterday and my basement was dry as a bone!
As work progressed I was kept up to date on every new discovery as we opened the can of worms that are this basement. The staff was polite an thoroughly neat and clean.   Gary Lustig, the owners son, was in charge of the work., I could not recommend him more highly. He had a wide range of problems in an basement that was desperate for maintenance and solved them swiftly  and skillfully. I would call him an old fashion craftsman rather than a repairman, taking pride in his work.
As we got further into problems (wiring not up to code, no flashing around the basement door causing leaks, plumbing problems )Gary referred me to a contractor at DEC General Home improvement Dino Campagna. No maintenance had been done on the main house since the 1960’s so it was also a mess. Presently he is working on my house to bring it up to code.
If you want honest skilled work and a honest days work for your dollar. Hire Atlantic Coast Waterproofing.