College Football Kicked Off

After months of waiting for Harbaugh to bring U of M back to glory and State to dethrone Ohio State it’s finally College Football Season. There is no better place to watch the game than your basement man cave.

Check out these 25 Must-Haves in a College Football Man Cave.

Black Mold Leads To Years of Pains

Black mold is toxic and can cause illnesses and death. This woman was living with a serious case and was being misdiagnosed with a range of ailments before it was finally caught. If you see any mold, please get it professionally removed immediately.

You can read more of this woman’s story here.

Tragic News; Deaths From Bad Sump Pump

It’s important that your jobs are done correctly, not just the best pitch. Just read this horrible story from the summer about a mother and daughter’s deaths from improper installation of sump pump electrical outlet. Read more about the story here.