Or Inspection process is personal and we will only suggest solutions that fit your specific needs. We have Engineered Systems for Damp, Wet or Leaky Basements. Offering the Strongest Transferable Guarantee in the Industry!

What to Expect with the Inspection

What to expect when calling for a free estimate:

We do not have pretty music, nor talking computers asking you to wear out your fingers pressing numbers. We are a corporation built on old-fashion values. We have you talk with a person who will answer your questions and set a time convenient in your schedule for a free inspection and free estimate.

We know in today’s world that people are quite busy and their time is valuable. We are very flexible in setting appointment times. Inspections can be set as early as 10:00AM to as late as 8:00PM Monday ~ Friday, Saturday from 10:00AM~4:00PM. Of course. there are always exceptions to the rules when our day to day lives are considered so we consider your needs as well.
When you set up an appointment, we will ask you a few questions. This is done to determine that you have an actual basement leak and not a plumbing or surface water problem. We have helped numerous customers by giving free advice and professional “do-it yourself” tips over the phone.

If it is agreed that we can render professional services for you we then set an appointment.

We will inspect your basement from both inside and outside to diagnose the problem. We will then sit down with you to explain a little bit about construction and why you are having a problem. In other words we will show you where the water is coming from and why. We will then explain different methods of correcting water problems, along with prices, and tell you the one we recommend.

At Atlantic Coast Waterproofing we have all systems known to man, however we will suggest a tailor made system to solve your problem in the best way and at the lowest cost.

We will provide you with a written estimate. All estimates are good for a minimum of at least 30 days if not longer.

We anticipate the free estimate with inspections, explanations, and questions to take from one to two hours. This will depend on how much detail you wish to get into and how many questions you may have.

We pride ourselves on the way we explain things so you don’t have to be an engineer to understand it.

Call today to schedule your free inspection and free estimate: