Ms. C. Springfield Twsp, MI 48350 May 2013

We hired Atlantic to water proof our basement. I really appreciated Gary’s candor. He could have tried to up-sell us on structural changes like the other companies we called. We thought we had issues with needing our foundation leveled. The other companies just offered multiple (very expensive) under-pinning products. But Gary showed us out multiple points of evidence that our foundation was not the issue. Except of course for the pools of water we were planning to fix ourselves (some day).
Member Comments:
I am soooooooooo glad we didn’t take this on ourselves. After watching a full crew of guys slaving away in a pit surrounding our house for 2 weeks, I realized that we do not really want to dig out, power wash or concrete our field stone basement. Nor do we want to tar muck the exterior of the basement. If it took them two weeks, we wouldn’t have finished the same year we started. There just isn’t time if you work full time. So not a weekend project.
Furthermore, I probably wouldn’t have even hired a different company to do this. But these guys are real professionals. They sat down and explained the full process, checked in with us at the end of every day to discuss the progress, and showed up early every day (including Saturdays) and didn’t leave til the job was done. These guys don’t work multiple jobs while they’re doing your project. You get their full attention. On top of it, they are politer than polite! When they came in the house for sump pump work, they even took their boots off for us, without being asked. They cleaned up after themselves, put our yard back in together, removed a bush for us that we otherwise were even planning to pay someone to remove. All the bonuses really made it extra worth it. On top of that, we have a guarantee that will pass on when we sell the house. There were things they could have cut costs on, but they didn’t. They really know their stuff, and it’s their business to do it right.
Bottom line? These guys really want to be employed. They want your business, they want to be working for you. It’s evident in the way they’ll treat you and your house.
Do it, your basement walls will thank you. For real, Atlantic is the way to go.
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