Mr. B. Durand, MI 48429 September 2013

Select:  Angie’s List really helped me in my selection of who to to invite to my house to provide a proposal.  I looked for honesty, quality, price, meeting commitments, and willingness to work with me.
Sales call:  Gary, owner of company, met my expectations of what I was looking for and in line with other reviews.  What really stands out is taking care of what is causing the problem, not just selling another product.  Gary is the only one that offered suggestions to address a problem that he did not make any money on.  He was willing to spend the time to make sure I understood the process and proposal.
Cost:  I am not providing details because I feel the information is misleading depending on everything being done.  I can tell you each contractor’s proposal was based upon linear feet, which my house had a large basement perimeter.  I am very concerned with making sure I get the best value and trust that the contractor will deliver as promised.  I selected Atlantic Coast Waterproofing.
Homeowner prep:  This was totally my responsibility and it took a lot of time and effort.
The processes was the same for all contractors I got proposals from.  I believe Gary was the most realistic on space needed and dealing with obstacles.  Gary also was really good to work with
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