Ms. C. Farmington, MI 48336 November 2014

Let me start by saying my husband and I are new to Michigan and come from a part of the country where sump pumps do not exist. As such we were very wary of them and getting us to agree to one was not a small feat, even being freshly exposed to the importance of them after finding the water in the basement.
Gary and his crew were very pleasant to work with. He was patient with me during the consult as I asked a million questions and it was late by the time he left and I know he had been on another job all day. He is very knowledgeable and explained thoroughly all the differences between the setup he was recommending and what all his competitors had recommended/sold. In the end he was not the lowest cost bid, but I liked his professionalism, the fact that he would be the one doing the work, and his system seemed the most logical to us. I think his work was well worth the price paid.
The week they came out was the coldest week in November, temperatures never got about 20 F I believe. He insisted on doing the work and did a surprisingly good job at keeping the house warm despite having the heat off for the first two days to limit the dust. He went above and beyond when our furnace wouldn’t turn on after the second day because of the jack hammering. The problem with the furnace was by no means a fault of Gary and his crew, but he still did everything he could to try to fix it before the repair man arrived. It turns out a wire in the furnace switch was loose and the jack hammering moved it just enough so it lost contact. Again, not at all Gary’s fault. He and his crew were very friendly and every time I came down he would explain what they were doing, what they had found, and where they were going. I really liked that he was so friendly and approachable while working. He really wants to make sure his customers understand what is going on with their house.
My only negative observation was the mess left behind. I had read the reviews, and even talked with him at length about it before they started. I feel they did their best given the terrible outdoor weather, but it still left me a little disappointed. The dust was not the problem for me, I thought they did very good keeping it down. My problem was some messes left around the house. This really isn’t a big deal for me and for the most part, I was able to clean them up once I found them, which was weeks later so I didn’t feel it necessary to call and tell Gary. Though I am sure if I had, he would have been out ASAP to make it right.
Overall, Gary and his crew did a great job. I have no hesitations to recommend them to anyone. Gary will be honest with you and will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with his work. He will try to accommodate any special requests you have and give you as much information as you would like. I think his company is a special find in today’s contractor landscape.