Mr. D. Fenton, MI 48430 January 2015

Overall: |Gary Lustig at Atlantic Coast Waterproofing was able to identify what was wrong with our basement, was able to fix it quickly, and did it for a reasonable price. I am pleased with the work he did, how his team did it, and would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone with problems of water coming into their house. | |During the fall rains of 2014, I had to fill a 16 gallon shop vac 2 times every 2-4 hours ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG till the rain stopped in order to dry my floor. After ACW replaced my interior drain tile, I have not had ANY water in my basement, NONE. No water came in during the winter thaw or during Spring thunder storms that flooded my yard. In 2014, I had water coming in during the whole Spring season, but not any more! | |Quality: |ACW, Inc installed a new drain tile under my basement floor. From the size of the tile, to the size of the aggregate they put under, around and on top of the tile to the 2 “clean-out” access ports to clean out the tile, to the plastic barrier placed between the aggregate/tile and the new concrete floor, all of the materials were top quality. They didn’t cut costs on materials. | |They did many things to ensure that this was a quality job. They tarped off the basement to keep this messy job’s debris to a minimum. After breaking open the floor and removing the old, failed tile, they dug an even larger trench in order to accommodate all of the extra, large aggregate they placed around the new tile to ensure proper water flow without clogging the tile with dirt. They drilled holes into the block foundation walls to drain the water from inside the walls. They sanitized the walls and floors to eliminate mold (6 months later there is still NO mold). They reinstalled new concrete that looks nice in my basement. | |Punctuality |Gary arrived early for his visit to examine our problems and quote a solution, and he stayed for more than an hour to answer all of our questions. Gary and his crew arrived each day at exactly the designated start time or early. They worked a full day and didn’t leave each day till they had put in over 8 hours of work. | |Price |Gary saw the urgency of our water problem and was very competitive in his pricing. Some people might have taken advantage of our urgent situation, not ACW. | |Responsiveness |My wife has significant allergies, and Gary “bent over backwards” to accommodate her needs, to minimize dust, and only use chemicals that would not bother her. Gary also brought us downstairs multiple times each day to explain each step so that we were comfortable with what they were doing. | |Professionalism |They were timely, polite, courteous of noise and dirt when passing through our house to the basement. This is an EXTREMELY messy procedure, and they worked very hard to contain it. While their power tools were very loud (as expected) the workers were very quiet and respectful of my family that was home during the day.