Mrs. S. Swartz Creek, MI 48473 September 2011

A crack in the basement wall, lead us to Atlantic Coast Waterproofing on Angie’s List.  The initial meeting with Gary Lustig was very informative.  After he inspected the basement and the outside of the house, he drew and explained the problems in detail, what needed our attention, and the options that he could offer.  He showed us pictures from past jobs to help us visualize and understand each option that he was explaining.

We decided to have the basement wall crack fixed, install a submersible pump, a partial drainage system, and a drywell.   The drainage system along one side of the house will take care of inside mold.  The drywell will give drainage to the downspout, sump pump and drainage system.  Two existing downspouts along and under the deck were extended.  The rear and the other side of the house were re-graded to keep the water away from the house.

Gary explained things clearly and kept us informed throughout the process. The crew (including Gary) worked hard completing the job. They were done in three days and cleaned up completely.   You know the saying, “Leave things better than when you came”?  That was just what they did!

Member Comments:
One crack in the basement wall lead us to be proactive about other issues we were not aware of, thus protecting our home from further damage.  Thank you to Atlantic Coast, Gary Lustig, and the work crew.   We are extremely pleased with the response time, the professionalism of the crew, the work completed, and the price.  We would defiantly refer Atlantic Coast and would not hesitate to call upon them in the future.