What should I look for, “other than price” when selecting a basement waterproofing contractor?

Look for a waterproofer who is licensed.

Look for a waterproofer who is insured.

Look for a waterproofer who has liability and workman’s compensation policies. This is one way, you may know, it will be the same company doing the job and not a sub-contractor.

Look for a waterproofer who has a strong presence within the “Better Business Bureau.” Three common complaints against basement waterproofer’s within the “Better Business Bureau” are; sales practices, service issues and warranty issues.

Look for a waterproofer who is not limited to one specific type of waterproofing system, product, style or technique. The system their selling may not be the right solution for your home. Remember, not everything has a “one stop shop,” this includes a majority of basements, crawlspaces, and foundations.

When collecting quotes from waterproofers, get their estimates in contract form. This will allow you to see their warranties on labor and material. Most waterproofers have lifetime warranties which also have specific terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions, liability disclaimers, hidden fees, and additional charges to renew your warranty every twelve months.

Look for a waterproofer who will guarantee your basement dry. Most waterproofers warranty only the areas of service such as the wall and cove area (joint seam, this is where the wall and floor meet.) Now, if your basement leaks up through the floor, in the middle of the basement, your warranty would not cover any damage.