Testimonial Waterford, MI 2018

Gary called right away and came out right away to give me a free quote. He let me know of his and his families experience over the years since he’s been in his profession and walked me through the issues with my foundation. We set a date for him to come out and he came[…]

Testimonial February 2018

Atlantic Coast may not be the cheapest company but their work is outstanding. They were friendly, communicated what would be happening in my basement, and even took me downstairs to show me the work that they had done. I would definitely hire them again.

Testimonial February 2018

We don’t hesitate to recommend Atlantic Coast Waterproofing. We had a very specialized drainage issue in our tight crawl space that involved intense labor. Gary and his team worked both relentlessly and efficiently while also taking the time to clearly explain each step of the process. We never felt intimidated to ask a question and[…]

Testimonial 2017 Novi, MI

Every one of the rod holes were drilled out and sealed. The cement was removed about 15 inches from the wall and a trench about 15 inches deep was dug. A large black plastic type pipe was laid on top of a bed of stones, then stones on top of that. A plastic type of[…]

Testimonial 2017 Grand Blanc, MI

We are so thrilled with the work that Gary and his crew did for us! Very professional and kept the work area impressively clean! The finished product is exactly what we had hoped for. While working on our water management in our NOW very dry and non-leaky basement, he managed to educate us on the[…]

Testimonial 2017 Saginaw, MI

Professional from the moment we met with Gary to discuss the project, through its completion. Crew was hard-working, pleasant and clean. Daily review of the work performed/progress made. Complicated project with excellent results. Highly recommend this company. 5 stars. Google review.

Ms. Y. West Bloomfield, 48322 June 2008

Dear ACW, It was a pleasure to work with your family owned business. Your entire staff was prompt and friendly. Barton could not have been more complimentary. Greg Lustig, the sales representative did a great job of explaining why I was having a leaking basement and what could be done to remedy the situation. Gary[…]

What to Expect with the Inspection

What to expect when calling for a free estimate: We do not have pretty music, nor talking computers asking you to wear out your fingers pressing numbers. We are a corporation built on old-fashion values. We have you talk with a person who will answer your questions and set a time convenient in your schedule[…]

The Truth About Waterproofing

Very few builders construct their own foundations. Almost all foundations are sub-contracted to only a few contractors that build them. The contractors that are building a foundation at the beginning of the week for a fifty thousand dollar home are the same contractors at the end of the week building a foundation for a two[…]

Our basement has always had a history of leaking. We don’t know if we can handle the cost of a waterproofing project. Can we solve our leaky basement problems by installing new gutters, downspouts, and adding dirt around the home?

If you find a Gutter or Landscaping Company who will “guarantee you a dry basement” by doing either one of these projects, give me a call with their company’s phone number because I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I would like to sell them! These projects may redirect the water from downfall off of[…]

My foundation walls don’t leak but I have water coming up through cracks in my basement floor. After consulting with several other waterproofing contractors, they all want to dig up around the outside of my foundation and waterproof my walls and install drain pipe with gravel. Will this solve my particular problem?

The water that is coming up through your floor is most likely a result of hydrostatic pressure. This means that you have an abundance of water under your home. Doing the before mentioned work may not completely solve your problem under your home. I must restate that most contractors only warranty the area in which[…]

I have a foundation crack in a poured concrete wall. I get water coming through it after heavy rains. Can I patch it and be successful with stopping the leak?

The water coming through the crack is usually a symptom of a much larger problem. By patching the crack, you are not addressing why the water is behind the wall and why it is not draining correctly. The water, which follows the path of least resistant will usually find another way into the basement.

I have a block foundation which does not leak yet. I have experienced moisture, dampness, and mold on my basement walls. I used a basement waterproofing paint and it seemed to have helped with the dampness, but I am experiencing more mold growth. Is my problem solved?

Using a waterproofing paint on the interior of the foundation walls could be the worst option to do in comparison to doing nothing. Concrete blocks and cinder blocks have hollow cavities inside them. This means these walls are completely hollow. Ground and surface water can make access inside your walls through cracks, mortar joints, or[…]

About Atlantic Coast

Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. is owned and operated by Gary and Denice Lustig.  Gary is the son of Greg Lustig who is one of the worlds leading authorities on basement waterproofing.  Greg got his start 42 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, working with the preservation of historical buildings.  He still specializes in old brick and[…]

Mr. D in Waterford

Mr. D. calls Atlantic Coast Waterproofing for a Free Inspection and Free Estimate. During the initial phone call with Atlantic Coast Waterproofing’s employee, Mr. D. briefly explains his home has a wet basement and is located in Waterford, Michigan. He states his home was built in 1968 and water is coming up through the floor.[…]

Mrs. T in Rochester Hills

Mrs. T. calls in for a free inspection and free estimate. The home is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan and has a damp basement. Mrs. T. says she has a block foundation that was built in the 1980’s. The problem described was peeling paint, dark stains, mold, and mildew on her lower block walls. Our[…]