Ms. C. Ferndale, MI 48220 August 2009

Dear ACW,
My house is 63 years old. I had water coming into the basement from the perimeter of all four walls. I spent $1050 to take up the carpeting and dry it out. The water kept coming back. I contacted Atlantic Coast and Gary Lustig came out to look at the damage and gave me a quote. He expalined the problem in detail, explained exactly what they would do, showed me pictures, and explained about how long it would take to dig up the basement perimeter, install new piping and egg rock, put a breathing strip in and re-cement.
The work is guaranteed for life and is transferable to new owners. The Crew of Greg, Jason, Billy, Gary, Dino, Steve and Mark arrived on time, were professional and friendly and began work immediately. They showed me each step of the process and I watched what they did and saw where the water was seeping from. They were done in two days, cleaned up perfectly. Made sure I understood that if I had any problems to call them. I am extremely pleased with the work and the price.
Other companies wanted to dig outside the house around the perimeter. Removing all the shrubbery and plants surrounding the house, then put plastic barrier around the outside walls and fill the dirt back in. This cost was almost three times the amount I paid. I would highly recommend Atlantic Coast Waterproofing.
Ms. C.