About Atlantic Coast

Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. is owned and operated by Gary and Denice Lustig.  Gary is the son of Greg Lustig who is one of the worlds leading authorities on basement waterproofing.  Greg got his start 42 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, working with the preservation of historical buildings.  He still specializes in old brick and stone foundations elating back to the 1700’s.  He says working with block and poured concrete foundations is like kindergarten in comparison.  Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. has done consulting all over the country but has mainly done work on the East Coast.  The corporation was based out of Washington D.C. and has done consulting and service for over 20 foreign embassies. This is not an easy task because of foreign building codes and different procedures.  Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. has installed many different types of systems in hospitals, universities, and other government buildings.

As a native Michigander Greg has returned home and his corporation is now headed up by Gary Lustig, his son and protégé. Gary has over 30 years of experience analyzing water problems and personally installing systems.

Gary says the only way to consistently obtain perfection along with a very reasonable price is by doing the work ourselves.  Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. does not subcontract and has all its’ own factory trained technicians as well as trucks and equipment.  Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. is licensed, bonded, and insured and covers all of South Eastern Michigan.

We have every engineered waterproofing system known to man.  We offer free inspections to determine which system is the best for solving your particular problem at the lowest price.  We now specialize in residential work as well as continued commercial applications.
Greg still does structural consultation for the corporation.  After 42 years he still can’t help but to lend a helping hand to people with structural or water problems.

Greg Lustig,
Founder of AtlanticCoast Waterproofing, Inc.