Mrs. T in Rochester Hills

Mrs. T. calls in for a free inspection and free estimate. The home is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan and has a damp basement. Mrs. T. says she has a block foundation that was built in the 1980’s. The problem described was peeling paint, dark stains, mold, and mildew on her lower block walls.

Our inspector arrives to begin the free estimate process. Our inspector confirms that the customer has stagnant water sitting in the hollow block walls causing a breeding ground for mold and mildew. We advise her that work should be done right away so that the mold problem does not spread and get any worse. Luckily, Mrs. T. had received two other estimates already, and had all her facts in front of her.

Our inspector explained the different types of waterproofing systems we could offer her. These systems would not only take care of the water problem but the mold problem as well. Our inspector described the guarantee Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. offers and how it would be completely and fully backed. At this point, Mrs. T. decided to review the warranties of the two other contractors. Mrs. T. explained to our inspector that the two competitors offered the same exact warranty as Atlantic Coast Waterproofing yet what Mrs. T. did not notice was the fine print on one waterproofers estimate and the verbiage on the back side of the other competitors estimate. Our inspector knew that we were comparing apples to oranges and began to explain the differences in the guarantee’s and warranties:

Our first competitor was offering a “Life of the Structure Warranty.” A life of the structure warranty is a warranty on the structure as long as it is structurally sound. This warranty also had limitations such as; the system does not cover against damp spot discoloration of walls. Damp spot discoloration of walls means, walls that change colors from dampness. I think everybody would agree that walls don’t change colors on their own, but will change colors from mold and mildew growth.

Our second competitor was offering a lifetime limited warranty on their water proofing system, but it had limitations on it also, as described in the warranty name. This warranty did not cover against any mold or mildew as well.

After reading over the warranties from the two companies, Mrs. T. was baffled, to say the least. Her basement did not leak, yet her big problem was the mold and mildew. These other two water proofers were going to fix the basement but not warranty the true problem. Technically, if their systems were going to repair the basement moisture problems then why would not the warranty extend to the mold and mildew?

Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. installed an engineered system for Mrs. T., which not only solved her mold and mildew problems, but her foundation water problems as well.

Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. offers the strongest transferable guarantee in the industry!