Testimonial 2023

Not long after buying my house that was built in the 1920’s, I noticed that I was having water intrusion in my basement when the water table was high from snow melt or heavy rain. The house did not have a sump pump or functioning water mitigation system so I began the search for a waterproofing company to help me understand my options. After spending a lot of time getting quotes and investigating various systems and company reviews I came across Atlantic Coast Waterproofing and decided to request a quote.

Gary came out to inspect the house and he gave me a very detailed explanation of why my house was having water issues and exactly how his system would be able to fix them. Gary patiently spent a lot of time answering every technical question I could come up with with great detail and the type of confidence that clearly comes from many years of hands on experience.

Gary was very reasonable to work with on finding a solution that fit my needs, timeline and budget. After agreeing on the details for my basement water mitigation solution, I decided to move forward with an Atlantic Coast system.

Gary was onsite everyday with his excellent team and got the system installed on time and as promised with limited impact to my time. I was very curious on the process and I asked many questions during the install and Gary & everyone on his team were very kind and willing to answer every question I had.

The system has been working exactly as expected and I would recommend Atlantic Coast to anyone looking to have their basement water issues addressed.