Testimonial November 2021

We bought our house in the summer of 2017. When the snow thawed in the spring if 2018, we found our basement underwater. Once it dried out we took down the wood paneling from the walls and found years and years of water damage. (Which, kindly, wasn’t disclosed by the sellers) Like any homeowner, we got multiple quotes. Several companies offered a discount if we didn’t have permits pulled and said how they could get the job done MUCH faster if that were the case. RED FLAG!! Gary came out and explained how everything worked when our house was built in the 60’s and how the drainage can break down over time. He went over every step of the procedure and explained why it would take about 2 weeks with inspections while the other guys were promising 2-3 days at most. Do you want the job done fast or do you want it done right?!? While Atlantic Coast Waterproofing is not the cheapest, they are the best, and time after time Gary has stood by his word and work. Here we are in the Fall of 2021. We live in Howell, but if you live in any of the surrounding areas, you know that this has been the wettest summer ever. A couple months ago our basement flooded, absolutely no fault of the fantastic waterproofing job. It was due to the over 24 hour power outage and the amount of rain that came down. Well, this morning our sump pump stopped working, but because of the high quality pump that was used and 5 year warranty, Gary was out here within 1.5 hours of our call with a new sump pump in hand. My advice to you, is to get the battery backup when he explains it!
If I had to do it all over again I would choose Atlantic Coast Waterproofing. Every. Single. Time.
Please enjoy this picture of the water pouring out of my walls and the standing water in the trench during the waterproofing process in 2018.