Basement Waterproofing Job Royal Oak 2021




The most important thing I can say about Atlantic Coast Waterproofing is meet with all other foundation experts first, then call Gary. Why? INSPECTION 1. He pointed out that my basement floor overlaid the footer at different heights based on where you are in basement. –No other specialist pointed this out, this detail is very important 2. He was able to point out previous homeowners put in “home made” system –No other specialist pointed this out, this detail is very important 3. He was able to answer my questions about exterior of house that might need attention to maximize keeping basement as dry as possible, while working in parallel with interior system 4. Professional, respectful, straight forward PROPOSAL 1. Informative 2. Best warranty in the industry. 3. Cost came in similar to other proposals that would not have been effective solution for my situation INSTALLATION – BASICS 01. Anytime Gary ran into a home specific challenge he was able to overcome and offer different solutions to correct 03. Any silly question I had was happily answered 04. Walked me through progress daily 05. Was able to adapt to inspector asking for a different proposed sump pump solution, this was no problem 06. Was able to re-assure me that removal of old shower was best interest when he found sub-par installation and mold! 07. The work was super clean in basement 08. Trench was a good 14 inches wide, dug to bottom of footer, with 4 inch pipe installed 09. Gary made sure to test each weep hole very carefully and re-drilled any hole with questionable drainage or mortar clogs 09. Final gravel, pipe and cement installation was executed flawlessly 10. Permit inspector raved about the good job Gary and his team had done and he passed inspection with flying colors INSTALLATION – ABOVE AND BEYOND 01. There was questionable broken shower drain pipe, he just fixed it, no problem 02. While preparing area around sump pump Gary went the extra mile to investigate what could be another bad “home made” plumbing solution. Turns out the previous owner did not connect sump pump outlet to main sewer line, leaving a visible gap, and essentially allowing sewer gases to escape! Gary then switched gears, put on his plumber hat, and had multiple solutions to correct problem. There was a nominal cost associated with it, but I was MORE THAN HAPPY to pay for properly fixing a very bad plumbing situation. 03. Gary’s crew are also there to get it done right. When his crew arrived one member pointed out that cleanout to main sewer line was not up to code. This was not pressing concern, but once other plumbing problems were uncovered, they brought this up to code at cost of some new PVC pipe. Very nice. 04. Gary’s final cleanup surprised me, in a good way. After seeing first hand the unavoidable mess this type of work can cause, Gary humbly said they do their best with final clean up. Well, when we did final inspection, the basement and exterior never looked better. Nice.