Testimonial Royal Oak, MI May 2018

I have a 1952 built home in Royal Oak that I have lived in for about 4 years. I have had minimal water issues over the years, however this year was different. In late February there was a ton of snow and the temps rose to about 60 degrees and melted everything. It then proceeded to rain for numerous days. The water table under my home rose and created hydro static pressure causing water to flow through the seams in my poured foundation. My wife and I tried a few cheaper fixes and even had a company come in and inject our floors to try to stop the water. This was just a waste of money. After about a month of the water not stopping I got in touch with Gary at Atlantic Coast. Gary responded right away and I had an appointment within a day. I had about 3 other waterproofers lined up with quotes, however I gave my business to Gary without even hearing from the others. Gary is the definition of a Waterproofing Pro. He was honest, respectful and there was no doubt he knew pretty much everything there is to know about how water gets into homes and how to stop it! Gary walked me through exactly what was happening under my house with the water table and the water pressure. He then walked me through the solution which included a 100% lifetime guarantee of no water coming through the walls and floors which is fully transferable. Gary installed a an interior drainage system connected to a sump pump which pumps water away from the house. It has been about a month since completion and I have had no water issues. Working with Gary was great! He communicated with me throughout the entire process and did a great job. Right away Gary built trust with me. I could tell he was passionate about his craft and truly cared about solving my problem for good! He offers a 100% guarantee because his process works!