Testimonial November 2017

My husband and I recently purchased a new home. A few weeks after moving into the home at the request of the home inspector. The inspector suggested having a waterproofing company repair some of the “rod holes” from prior water damage. We decided to have a couple of companies come out to give us some quotes. We felt that Gary of Atlantic Coast Waterproofing was the man for the job. Gary explained where and what created the damage and what needed to be done to correct the problem. He explained the different options that were available to us to manage or fix the problems. He pointed out where mold was in different areas of the basement and that repairing the rod holes would only temporary fix the problem.

Gary was very thorough and explained what was going to be done. What the day would consist of and what his crew would be doing each day. He then explained what to expect for the duration to repair the problems. Gary worked on the job with his crew each day. They were very punctual through the job and cleaned up every work day making themselves accessible to answer any questions that we had.

A great experience and a job an excellent job.