Testimonial June, 2016

My wife and I had Atlantic Coast Waterproofing come out last summer to waterproof our basement and we are thrilled with the service they provide. Our basement was continually getting worse with flooding. In the fall and spring we would have to shop vac anytime we got rain because the water would flow in above our ankles. In the winter any thaw we got we would get water in our basement. We have now been through a rainy fall and a winter were we have seen a crazy amount of weather change and we are bone dry. I have a dehumidifier running just in case and we only have to dump the water out maybe once a month instead of every other day. The system they put in I recommended to anyone. People may want to compare their price with other companies but it is hard to do because even though they may be a bit more expensive but what you get is 3x or more extensive then the other companies. They give you a life time warranty with no fine print! I want to emphasize that part “no fine print”. They stand behind their work. The owner of the company is on site working with the crew so no corners are cut. They give you the correct solution not just a band aid like the other guys. When they are finished for the day they will walk you through what they did and make sure you are familiar with the process. I loved the fact that the owner took the time to educate me on the system he was putting in and on every part of the process. I can’t say enough about Atlantic Coast Waterproofing. If you want peace of mind then they are the company to use. I recommend them to everyone and I would offer to show people my basement if people wanted to see for themselves before committing. You get what you pay for but in their case you actually get more than you pay for.