Mrs. C. Lake Orion Sept 2015

Very thorough inspection of the whole house, outside, and inside on complete basement and crawl space. He explained everything in detail from the way houses are built..the foundations, material of that time and changes now. The inspections, codes, and types of equipment such as the sump pump in it’s efficiency, have changed through the years.
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He first mentioned that he is not a salesman on a commission and owns the business with over 30 thirty years being around his father in the business and learning as a child.

His knowledge was very evident, even to a clueless woman, such as I. I did have my daughter and a contractor/builder friend with much experience come to be there for his report and recommendations, which he completely supported and was glad to wait for them to get here and add questions or comments that I may not think of. He walked the contractor back over the basements and exterior showing him what he had found and his suggestions for remedies.

I am taking many of his suggestions today as far as a second dehumidifier and longer extensions put on the downspouts. I will be conferring with my relatives and contractor friend as to what I will do now and what to do in the spring. I also may be having the mold tested to see the type and dangers before deciding on my timing.

But…I am completely satisfied with the quality of knowledge and professionalism of the company and highly recommend them.

I had several friends say…why would you pay Angie’s List $49.95 for the recommendation, as.all estimates should be free. My answer is this was much more than an estimate by a probable salesman..It was an inspection and about a two hour education.

I can’t speak on his pricing estimates, as I am not completely educated yet on quality pricing, and what I will be doing at this time, but I can speak on his integrity and honesty. There was a section that had some wet wood on flooring overhead and he said he could recommend someone he felt confident in..but he would not be the person for that job. His knowledge of expertise is underground. He did voice his opinion and ideas for me on it though. He went through the crawl space also. Outside he even gave opinions on the gutters, downspouts and soffits to prevent drainage into the foundation. I will not hesitate to call him for the work as soon as I am ready.

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Thank You [member’s name removed] for your great response to our company and for your interest in Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, Inc. please call us with any questions you may have at any time. Thanks again.