Mr. & Mrs. H. Oxford, MI 48371 December 2011

In November of 2008 we bought a house in Oxford, Michigan that was in foreclosure. In the spring of 2009 we discovered the house was built in an area with a high water table and water was not only coming into our sump well faster than the system could handle it, but up between the floor and walls as well. We called Atlantic Coast Waterproofing Inc. and they sent Gary’s father out to the house. Mr. Lustig looked at the basement, the sump pump system, discussed my concerns and answered my questions regarding possible sources for the water as well as solutions.
We contracted with Atlantic Coast Waterproofing and the work was started the next day. Gary Lustig and his crew were not only professional but courteous and attentive while working in our home. Each day Gary and his team arrived in the morning and worked through the day breaking up the concrete and hauling the materials in and out of the basement by hand, and cleaning up before they left for the day. Gary and his crew acted more like guests in our home than workers.
The job was completed and Gary and his crew cleared out. A day or two later we noticed that there was still water coming in under the shower stall in the basement bathroom as well as through some stress cracks in the basement floor. We called Gary and he came out and looked at the basement. After determining that there was an issue with the shower pad, which was fixed by one of Gary’s crew, Gary brought back his crew and put in another drainage line which alleviated the problem.
Since the job was finished the only time we have had to call Gary was due to a pump failure. There has never been a time when we called Atlantic Coast Waterproofing, or Gary’s cell phone, that the call has not been answered, or returned promptly, to address our questions or problems. Each time Gary was prompt and professional while dealing with the issues.
We are happy to say that even with near record breaking rain fall, 14 inches in two months this spring, our basement is dry. The piece of mind knowing that with record snow melts, extreme rainfall, and a high water table our basement is dry and well worth the money spent with Atlantic Coast Waterproofing.
We would recommend Gary Lustig and Atlantic Coast Waterproofing to anyone who has an issue with water in their basement and is seeking a solution.
Mr. & Mrs. H.